Welcome to Wonderland!

Hi Señoritas,

You’ve been waiting for a long time to see this. Each day, each momento, each breath you were nearer to know our wonderful colourful world where every of us can feel at home. The waiting has ended and you can now enjoy every novelty we’ve been preparing for you. Ready for adventure? We swear it will be one of those adventures that make sigh, cry of happiness and joy, intense moments where you, little Señoritas, will be in your universe, at home. Enjoy it!


Get ready for a season full of colour, little sensations – you can live them touching your new dress, sheltering from rain under your umbrella or raincoat, or just wearing your new coat and enjoy snow in the park-, smiles, laughs, joy, pure and simple happiness. And that’s why this season is fantastic, it’s 100% what you’ve been looking forward, a joyful season in our particular Wonderland.


Señoritas, this FW 17/18 season is waiting for you with open arms to a place where imagination pours out, where best plans are waiting for you, where each moment has its meaning, where happiness lights even the most grey days and where all Señoritas are SEÑORITAS.

By this time you will be wondering where adventure is, where you can experiment these feelings, where that WOW moment is, where curiosity is, and the answer is simple: it’s just one click away, in the blink of an eye. That unique moment is here, is everywhere a girl makes her brilliant outbreak.


That WOW moment we expect is not only the top of happiness but the affirmation of offering the world that the day has just started and it’s only ours. Don’t look for hat marvelous moment, it appears with the simple idea of being happy caressing a coat, a snood or simply playing with friends wearing one of our great dresses. It’s simple! The WOW moment is here, waiting for you to reveal the world, what are you waiting for?


No doubts, for each moment there is a happy and colourful look that is waiting for you. You decide when your adventure starts. But the adventure started when Wonderland opened its doors.




Your adventure has just started.




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