Click on some section (dresses, skirts, trousers…) to review the available items. Each item has a detailed description that you can see when clicking on the item. On the description card there is a button named "add to cart". Select the right color and size, and click on this button to add the item to your shopping cart. You may repeat this proceeding as many times as you wish to add more items.
Your shopping cart is steady available on the top right side. Once you have completed your selection of items, please click on the button “check out” of your cart in order to confirm your order.


To confirm your order please follow these five quick and easy steps:

1. Summary:
Check the features of the items in your cart (quantity, color, size). In case you have some discount voucher, do not forget to type it on the field “vouchers” and click on the button “ok”. Once you have completed these steps, click on the bottom right button “next”.

2. Log in:
To move forward with your order it is required to be registered as a user of this site. You may create your account by filling in the required information on “create your account”. In case you already have an account on this site, please enter your e-mail address and your password on the right box “already registered?” and click on the button “log in”.

3. Address:
Choose your billing address and (very important) your delivery address. You may add as many addresses as you wish to your profile, but please take into account that your order will be shipped to your default address. In case you wish to add some comment, this is the time to do it on the field below.

4. Shipping:
Select the shipping option and tick the box below to agree the terms of service.

5. Payment:
Choose the payment method and complete the payment. The different methods are:

  • Credit card payment (VISA or MASTERCARD). You will be transferred to the payment gateway Servired by CAIXA BANK. We won't have access to your card details at any time and your data won't be stored. Once your payment is done, you will be redirected to our site again.
  • Safe payment through your Paypal account.
  • Bank transfer. This payment isn't immediate. The shipment of your order will be delayed until the transfer is received.

6. Order confirmation:
You will see the confirmation of your order on the screen. We will send you an e-mail with the details of your order and the address you have chosen for the shipment.


Check the e-mails that you receive on the e-mail address with which you logged in. You will receive the following information:

  • Once you complete your order, you receive an e-mail which confirms that your order has been correctly registered.
  • If you choose bank transfer as payment method, you receive an e-mail which confirms that we are waiting to receive your transfer.
  • Once we receive the payment of your order, you receive an e-mail which confirms that your order is being prepared.
  • Once we dispatch your order, you receive an e-mail which confirms that your order was shipped.

With the help of these e-mails you will know the situation of your order at any time. In case you don’t receive them, please contact our Customer Service through the “contact us” form, through our chat, or on the telephone (+34) 983 403 003. You may also check the information about your order on your account on this website, on the section "History and details of my orders".

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